Skill Based Hiring 

Hiring is a very delicate job which requires patience, care, understanding, and most importantly awareness. However, all these can be just a formality if a person hire based on skills.

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the labour market, eliminating certain occupations while also generating totally new industries that need new talents. Many of the future HR roles identified in our 21 HR Jobs of the Future research will be centred on people working seamlessly with robots, such as Algorithm Bias Officer and Human Machine Teaming Manager.

Because degrees have shown to be a poor proxy for owning in-demand talents, being able to demonstrate mastery in these new skills has become the currency for talent mobility. Indeed, according to Glassdoor, 15 organisations ranging from Google to Hilton Hotels and Apple are hiring people with in-demand talents but no college diploma.

Skills-based hiring, or the practise of defining skills and competency criteria for a position rather than relying solely on a candidate’s credentials, is becoming more popular. Skills-based hiring not only broadens the pool of potential workers, but it also gives internal employees more visibility into their career mobility by providing training courses for certain sectors and job responsibilities.

We at People Infinia are obsessed with skill-based hiring, we investigate people’s profile to find out the most suitable person for the job and satisfying the needs of our clients.