CSR Activities

Our CSR Activities

To help government in solving unemployment problem.

We are helping three category of people:

1) People who are in need of job,

2) Entrepreneurs who themselves run a consultancy firm but are unable to reach the corporates due to located in Tier B and C cities helping them in getting the work sitting at these cities,

3) Lot of women who are educated will be trained by People Infinia so that they could be associated with us as a freelance consultant.

*Our motive is not just fulfilment of jobs but fulfillment of satisfaction and motivation among the youth and hopefully People Infinia could contribute in country’s development by bringing more mentally strong youth who have the ability to bring changes in the country.

4) We will be Spending 5% of total earning in getting Jobs to educated Children of Underpriviledge, Slums & Read Light Areas People in Good Companies by providing them Special Training by our Life Coaches.

Its a request to corporates and governing bodies to join us in this mission to help the country’s unemployed people which is approximately 5 crores to bring this number down as much we can.


So that India also could be among one of the countries with highest employment.