Our Services

Permanent Recruitment

Fresh job openings in a range of industries are posted on our website on a daily basis. Whether you are an individual job seeker or a company in need of permanent specialists, we provide permanent recruitment services to everyone.

Leadership Hiring

Leadership positions represent your firm, hence they have a direct impact on the image of your company. We match the appropriate candidates to the right jobs so that you may fully utilise their potential.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) happens when a firm outsources all or a portion of its permanent recruitment to an external contractor. We provide full-time recruiters with in-depth industry knowledge, which they use to locate hard-to-find candidates.

Know your self
( Psychometric testing and counselling services )

Under this service, we examine a number of psychological qualities of a person, such as their talents, attitudes, intelligence, behaviour, preference, and personality traits. This will help you discover your hidden strengths and talents, allowing you to choose the ideal career path for you.

Best foot forward

We are a business that specialises in assisting you in enhancing the quality and efficacy of your CV in order to better catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers and ultimately acquire a job offer.

Reference Check

We help Companies to check a person’s criminal record, educational qualifications, job history, and other past activities to ensure their legitimacy.


The processes through which new employees are incorporated into the organization are referred to as "onboarding." It involves exercises that assist new employees in completing their initial new-hire orientation as well as learning about the organization's structure, culture, vision, mission, and values.


Staffing refers to the ongoing process of identifying, selecting, evaluating, and developing a working relationship with current or prospective employees. The primary goal of staffing is to locate qualified candidates for various roles inside the company.

Performance management system

We help other companies to manage their employees and employee performance so that they can focus on their organizational goals.

Customized CV

We at People Infinia can help you create a CV that will help you, showcase your skills and talents. We aim at making you the best candidate that the interviewer has communicated with.