FAQ for Organization

People Infinia is India’s first AI powered recruitment platform that enables clients to work with 1000’s of freelance recruiters & firms for their recruitment requirement without managing any of them. The technology aims at streamlining the otherwise chaotic recruitment process with minimum human intervention. With the website driven by a world class technology, every client gets the perfect candidates for the position and every recruiter gets a fair chance to help the client close those positions.

Consultants: People Infinia only shares the positions with a recruiter basis their interest level. So if a recruiter want to work on a sales profile we will only share sales positions with that recruiter. With our world class technology a recruiter can also schedule the interview from the platform.
Clients: People Infinia works with 1000’s of recruiters. Once you share your position with us, the same will be shared with relevant and active recruiters with proven track record to close those positions. We assure to deliver the right candidate with 7 working days with our effective 03 steps screening.

Consultant: Once you fill your complete profile with us, we will start sharing the relevant positions with you. After sharing the CV and candidate data in an excel format, we will share it with the client post our screening. Once your candidate gets shortlisted, we will share the profit with the recruiter.


Clients: Share your positions with us and relax because we have experts working for you. You will start getting the CV’s within 48 working hours. You can shortlist and ask for an interview from the portal.

No, you will not get access to the contact details of the recruiters or client.

Recruiter: In such scenario a recruiter can reschedule the interview with the clients consent. If the same thing is repeated twice, we disregard the candidate from future prospective roles.

Clients: You can ask to reschedule the interview. A People Infinia representative will get in touch with you.

If you do not have the other candidates scheduled for the interview, in that case you can resume the job posting and start getting the fresh resumes. If you want to reschedule the interview with the same candidate, you can reach out to us to make that happen. In case you were not informed in advance about the candidate’s no show, we highly recommend you to leave review and write feedback to help us maintain the quality of the platform.

If a candidate leaves within 03 months of placement, we will provide you with a replacement without any extra charge.

Note: The fee will be charged on revised package offered to the candidate which could be less or more than the one left.

People Infinia collects the payment from the clients and pays the recruiter

FAQ for Consultant

People Infinia works on proprietary algorithm which helps the client to work with industry experts and likewise, a recruiter gets a chance to work with the best clients basis their skillset. Our TAT is our USP along with efficient 03 step screening which ensures a client gets the best candidate for the position.

No, you cannot post jobs in multiple functional area. But you can post multiple jobs using multiple functional areas

Yes, you can choose to work with selected consultants by sharing the job only with them.

People Infinia works with 1000’s of recruiter instead of one recruitment agency. Our TAT along with right fit candidate is our USP which will help you close the desired position within deadline at an efficient cost.

Yes, you can choose not to disclose your name to the recruiters