Avoidant behavioral condition
Excessively delicate to analysis or dismissal
Feeling deficient, second rate or ugly
Aversion of work exercises that require relational contact
Socially restrained, shy and disconnected, keeping away from new exercises or meeting outsiders
Outrageous modesty in friendly circumstances and individual connections
Feeling of dread toward dissatisfaction, humiliation, or mocking
Subordinate behavioral condition
Extreme reliance on others and wanting to be dealt with
Compliant or tenacious way of behaving toward others
Apprehension about giving taking care of oneself or battle to yourself whenever left alone
Absence of self-assurance, requiring inordinate exhortation and consolation from others to go with even little choices
Trouble beginning or doing projects all alone because of absence of self-assurance
Trouble contradicting others, dreading objection
Resilience of poor or harmful treatment, in any event, when different choices are free
Dire need to begin another relationship when a nearby one has finished
Over the top habitual behavioral condition
Distraction with subtleties, organization, and rules
Outrageous compulsiveness, bringing about brokenness and pain when flawlessness isn’t accomplished, for example, feeling incapable to complete an undertaking since you don’t satisfy your own severe guidelines
Want to oversee individuals, assignments and circumstances, and powerlessness to designate errands
Disregard of companions and pleasant exercises considering unnecessary obligation to work or a task
Powerlessness to dispose of broken or useless items
Unbending and obstinate
Rigid about profound quality, morals, or values
Tight, closefisted command over planning and burning through cash
Fanatical enthusiastic behavioral condition isn’t equivalent to over-the-top habitual problem, a kind of uneasiness issue.