Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment by People Insignia (PI)

Today and in the future, more effective leader selection is imperative for success. In an fast changing world shaped by technology, complexity and pandemic, only conventional approaches are no longer the right fit. 
The performance problem of each organisation and leader is unique. And amidst the difficulty of securing the most effective leader, it is essential to use a fair and ethical decision process. 


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Organisations rightly demand better results, and leadership candidates expect a professional open process.

To be more successful in executive appointment a more scientific and tailored method for selecting leaders is required.
Leadership Assessment by PI is a method used by our certified experts to effectively forecast a leader’s behaviour and performance in relation to a specified result need, context, and leader task. The approach is highly effective not only in selecting new leaders, but also in selecting what to do to improve leadership performance or to decide how to grow or change organisations.
Leadership Assessment by PI excels where roles are more complex and fast changing and success of appointment is essential.
By employing leaders based on what they can do, matched to required results in a new role context, rather than on what they did before, who they know or how liked or ‘generally talented’ they are.
Leadership Assessment by PI assures reliable advice on which leader will perform immediately and reliably projects their further potential. Effective leadership is best secured by using Leadership Assessment by PI – a predictive, fair, and rational method that is consistently applied, regulated, and evaluated over the long term.
To find out more about how Leadership Assessment by PI can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your leadership decisions, contact our team.